Book Review: Geno: In Pursuit of Perfection


ROOTS OF THE GAME: Women’s Basketball Championship History – 1926 forward

Cleveland Rocks: Final Four Preview – 2007

Women’s Tournament Preview – February 2006

2005 Final Four Preview Indianapolis

Final Four 2004 – New Orleans

2003 Women’s Final Four – Atlanta

Final Four 2002 – San Antonio


BUILDING ATTENDANCE: Hand Shakes, Hoarse Voices, and a Boost from the NCAA – What coaches across the Divisions have done to build attendance – WBCA

CIVIL WARS: Keeping the Recruiting Battles Clean January, 2010 – WBCA

COACHING USA BASKETBALL: A Road Paved With Gold? The selection process for USA Basketball coaches – WBCA

DEAFENING SILENCE: Sexual Abuse by Coaches and Addendum – January, 2005 – WBCA

FACEBOOK and MYSPACE: Keeping an Eye on Online Sites – WBCA


FROM SWEATS TO SUITS: Moving Up the Coaching Ladder is More Than X’s and O’s What Athletic Directors expect of coaching applicants – WBCA

HIGH SCHOOL: The Recruiting Basics –  What high school students, parents and coaches need to know to navigate the recruiting ins and outs – WB Magazine

JUNIOR COLLEGES: Where Opportunities Knock – WBCA November, 2007

MAPPING THE JOURNEY TO 96 TEAMS: Turning roadblocks into a roadmap? – WBCA January, 2010

MEDIA COVERAGE AND THE ALTERNATIVES: Paper, Pods, Streams, and Blogs – What coaches and programs do to cultivate and create media coverage – WBCA

NCAA TOURNAMENT HOSTING: Hidden Hurdles and Helpful Hints – WBCA April, 2009

NEARING OF THE GREEN – Revenue Distribution in the Women’s Game WBCA

PAY-PER-VIEW RECRUITING: A look a the cost of college recruiting packsWBCA

THE SCHEDULING PUZZLE: Juggling square pegs, round holes and dollar signs – WBCA

THE SELECTION COMMITTEE: Opening the Vault of the NCAA’s Seeding Process – WBCA

TEXAS HOLD’EM? Hold Up! How the “poker rage” impacts the NCAA and student-athletes – WBCA, 2005

TITLE IX: Sharing the Wealth The benefits women’s basketball has reaped from Title IX, as well as the responsibility to educate student-athletes and support other athletic programs – WBCA

AN UNEXPECTED CHALLENGE: Making Choices for Fiscal Fitness – WBCA, September 2009

WHERE YOU LEAD, I WILL FOLLOW: A call for new leadership in the women’s game – WBCA

WNIT DREAMING: Past. Present. Future? The history of the WNIT, its current status and some possible changes. WBCA, January 2006

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