About Me

Helen arrived late to the women’s basketball fan party and has been over-compensating ever since.

It all began when she walked into Madison Square Garden in 1997 for her first Liberty basketball game. That started an obsession that filtered down to the college game and now seems headed into the land of high school basketball. To cover her ignorance, Helen has spent hours boning up on women’s basketball history and put together an extensive timeline just to show off. You can find it at Kim Callahan’s site here.

By sheer dumb luck, Helen was invited to write a column about the Liberty team of 2000. Pretty slick, since she’d never played the game, didn’t know much about writing — much less writing a sports column — and knew she could never give up being a fan. Luckily, her first editor, Sharon Bibb, took her by the hand and showed her the ropes as she wrote pieces under the heading “Section 90” (the section she sat in at the Garden).

Eventually, that led to a 3-year stint writing for Women’s Basketball Magazine, with side gigs with the Women’s Sports Foundation and New York’s Sportscene Magazine. Currently, she’s a regular contributor to the WBCA’s Coaching Women’s Basketball. Wisely, she offers no advice on how to actually coach the game, but focuses primarily on issues surrounding the game. Helen also writes for the Women’s Hoops blog.

By the way, Kim hosts every article Helen’s written, as well as some other miscellaneous basketball related articles, on one page.

When she’s actually earning a living, it is as a drama specialist in New York City. After 13 years as a teaching artist in the NYC school system, she was named Director of the CUNY/Creative Arts Team’s Early Learning Through the Arts Program. CAT specializes in issue-based, interactive drama work across the age groups. In October, 2008 she and a fellow teaching artist traveled to the United Arab Emirates to work with female students at the UAE University. You can read all about her adventures (includes birds, but no basketball) at this blog site.

You can reach her at helen [at] womensbasketballonline.com.


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