Jessica Moore – University of Connecticut

Three weeks removed from a grueling run to a second National Championship, University of Connecticut’s Jessica Moore, was back working out and playing pick up with her teammates. “It feels like it was all a dream. It went by so fast, and here we are, a month later,” Moore laughed, “back in our normal routine.”

Reflecting back to her Final Four weekend, Palmer, AK native pointed to the “Salute to the Players” dinner as a highlight. “To be recognized by your peers was really something special,” said Moore a communications major. Not surprisingly, standing on the podium as the 2003 Champions and seeing former teammates Swin (Cash) and Sue (Bird) in the stands was equally thrilling. “They were so proud of us,” reflected Moore. “And we were standing up there on our own two feet without anybody’s help. That just shows how much heart we have,” Moore added. “We may not be the most talented team, but when it comes to heart, we’re the biggest.”

Unwilling to rest on their laurels, she and her teammates are already focusing on next year, in particular how not to be nice. “That’s one of my problems,” admitted Moore, “and maybe one of the problems we have on our team, too. We play how we are off the court.” Instead, the red-shirt sophomore is challenging herself to take a more aggressive attitude. To dare to throw the first ‘punch’ and stop, as it were, being so polite. “If you knock somebody down,” said the 6’3″ forward, “so what. Don’t help them up, ’cause they’re not going to help you up.”

Deceptively quick with great leaping ability (she lettered in volleyball in high school) Moore is justifiably proud her defensive skills. Hoping to become more of an offensive threat, the lefty is looking to add a right-handed hook to her arsenal. Having played out of position as an undersized center last season, Moore is eagerly anticipating the arrival of 6’5 freshman Liz Sherwood and the possibility of shifting to power forward.

“That would be a scary sight,” said Moore, “seeing [Liz] in the middle and me and another big girl on either side. That’s a very big forward court. Very scary and,” Moore added with a grin, “very exciting.”


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